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Add the Finishing Touch

glass ware table decoration

Whether you have a birthday, anniversary or another occasion to celebrate or you simply want to gather your family or friends to enjoy some good food and fine wines in your villa.

Not only do we serve delicious food & excellent Spanish wines. Let us add the special finishing touches you like to make your gathering extra special!


Cocktail bar 

To continue the party after dinner, we can provide a mobile cocktail bar. Fancy something special? Or a range of well-known cocktails? Let us know and we'll glam up the (cocktail) party!

Draft beer 

What's better on a hot summer day than a nice cold beer? Preferably draft!

No worries we've got you covered. In addition to wines matching the food, we can provide a mobile draft to serve you nice cold beer.


Live music

What better to liven things up, than live music? 

We know various local musicians in different genres who are happy to add some swing to the party. Jazz, soft rock, funky soul or pop? The choice is yours.


Themed decorations 

Add some extra fun to the experience by adding a theme to the party. How about a beach party f.e.? Or tell us your favourite colour and we´ll get the flowers and details to match.​

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